Our Manufactured Machines are all
Heavy Duty & Robust

Shrink Wrapping Machines. 25 years of reliability

Searching for a shrink wrap machine? You've come to the right place. At UWrap Ltd we have close to 30 years' experience to our name. We've worked with small and large clients in the UK, Europe and even the United States. We manufacture state of the art standard and bespoke solutions.

Our machinery is always designed with the end user in mind.simplicity is always the key...

From sleeve sealing and combination units to chamber, fully automatic and L sealing machines, we have a solution for every individual business requirement. We stock new, used and reconditioned units and will provide your business with a shrink wrapper that delivers a tangible return on investment.

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Need shrink wrap machines for your business? You're in good company because at UWrap Ltd we've helped thousands to find the perfect machine. We're one of the country's most popular and experienced companies, known for delivering top of the range solutions to clients of all sizes in an array of unique sectors. We're also customer orientated, known for working closely with clients to provide the most effective machines.

Whether you're searching for semi-automatic, fully automatic, combination or L sealer units, you'll never be short of options at UWrap Ltd. We'll help you to find a shrink wrapping machine that suits your unique needs and budget. Reconditioned, used, new, spares, repairs - you name it, we've got it. Get in touch today and find out how we could help you today.